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Medical Science Journal for Advance Research (MSJAR) eISSN: 2774-4892, and pISSN: 2776-3870 published by the Research and Education Development (READ) Institute (based on the deed of establishment No. 06 February 08, 2011, issued by notary Ina Kartika Sari S.H. - Decree of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia Number C-58.HT.03.01 of 2003) collaborating with the College of Health Science Tengku Maharatu, an open-access online journal which publishes research articles, reviews/mini-reviews, letters, and guest-edited thematic issues in all areas of medical. 


Vol. 5 No. 1 (2024): March 2024 - Medical Science Journal for Advance Research

Published: Mar 1, 2024

Assessment Of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Triiodothyronine, Luteinizing Hormone And Follicle-Stimulating Hormone Levels in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Page: 1-8


Doaa AbdAlzahra Deli, Ginan Kareem Almammory , Khmaeel Mohsin Obaid

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Molecular Subtypes Of Breast Cancer An Immunohistochemistry Study In Iraqi Women

Page: 9-19


Asma Ghalib, Shayma Ghalib Abid

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Bacteriological Study of Proteus mirabilis Isolated from Different Clinical Samples

Page: 20-27


Ameer S. Albujassim, Sumaya NajimAbedali Al-khateeb, Hashim Alsherees, Inam abid Aljabar Rasool, Rana Talib Al-Nafakh, Saif jabbar Yasir, Raad Abdulameer Alasady, Wijdan Rajh Hamza Al-Kraity

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The Effect Of Gingivitis In Elderly Patients Compared With Young Patients And Impact Of Factors In Different Age Groups

Page: 28-36


Hajir Hassan Hussein, Anfal Ihsan Jasim Alawadi, Hatem Kareem Kzar

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Evaluation of Humoral Immunogenicity in Diabetes Patients Six Months Post-Second Dose: Comparative Analysis of BNT162b2, ChAdOx1 nCoV-19, and BBIBP-CorV Vaccines

Page: 37-48


Dhuhah Hayder Abdul-Jawad, Ameer Mezher Hadi, Zahraa Basem Shaker, Hussein Bahaa Abd. Alrzaaq4, Musa Nima Mezher, Estabraq Hassan Badder Al-Muhanna

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