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Background and aims: .In This  study measuring the levels of  some cytokines in Najaf patients with CD and to compare with healthy subjects. Methods : This case control study was done to check the levels of markers in the serum of( 60) patients the celiac disease(CD) and who randomly recruited from different Hospital in Najaf  Iraq during period between September 2022and January 2023 This was done using the ELISA method, and the results were compared with those of 40 healthy people who were the same age (18-50) and sex. The ages of the people in the case group ranged from (18 to 50) of celiac disease. Results: the mean level of Interleukin -2(IL-2) high significant different between patients and healthy groups and IFN-gamma no significant, Anti-tissue transglutaminase levels correlated and were show statistically significant with these IL-2 cytokines .and  negative  correlation between the amounts of marker in the serum and sex. Conclusion:IL-2 play role of pathology of celiac disease.


Celiac Disease, Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase IL-2, IFN-Gamma

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Atika Ahmed Abd, Dr. Wasan Sami Hamad, & Zinaalhilli. (2023). Serum Cytokines Profile In Celiac Disease And Healthy Subjects. Medical Science Journal for Advance Research, 4(3), 196–201.