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Background: During the researcher's follow-up and observation, he found great importance for the study of this subject, as he repeatedly observed the occurrence of sports injuries, especially the injury of the ankle ligaments. The ankle joint, where the ankle joint is considered one of the joints most susceptible to injury in football, and the research aims to prepare rehabilitative exercises accompanied by reflexive massage and determine their effect in rehabilitating the partial ankle ligament rupture. Babylon and they were deliberately chosen from the Babylon, Hilla and Al-Qasim Babel clubs. The sample was divided into two groups, with a rate of (9) for each group. The researcher also prepared rehabilitative exercises accompanied by reflexive massage, which included negative exercises, self-exercises, and positive exercises. The most important conclusions are that the combination of rehabilitative exercises using reflexology massage before doing rehabilitative exercises, and reflexology massage, when doing rehabilitation. The exercises have a positive and effective effect in the disappearance or reduction of pain and improve both the range of motion and the strength of the injured ligaments represented in (bending, stretching, external and internal dimensions) and improving the motor balance of the injured foot in the subsequent measurement           


Rehabilitative Exercises, Reflexology Massage, Ankle Ligaments Of Athletes

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Ali Hassan Al-Obaidi, & Murtadha M. Jawad. (2023). The Effect Of Rehabilitative Exercises Accompanied By Reflexology Massage In The Moderate Rupture Of The Ankle Ligaments Of Athletes. Medical Science Journal for Advance Research, 4(3), 220–227.