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Background: Hepatitis refers to an inflammation of the liver and caused by numerous factors , such as alcoho, obesity  also can be occur by viruses such as hepatitis viruses (A,B,C,D) .  Determine of some haematology parameters of hepatitis B- virus  in  patients is the purpose of this study. All data was collected from 100 persons, divided into two grous:patients and control. The medical information about the patients tnclude age, gender and duration in hospital. The HbsAg for all participants persons is detect by using the enzym-linked immune sorbent assay (ELISA) and devided the postive group into acute stage and chronic stage by special doctors.  All parameters indicate by  complete blood count in Haematology Analyzer , including white blood cells (WBC), lymocyte cells (LYM), red blood cells (RBC) hemoglobin (HGB), plateletes (PLT)and mean platelet volume (MPV) .  The Results show   pateints with hepatitis B- virus infection show changing in the levels of parameters that using in this study compared with healthy controls.


hepatitis B- virus WBC LYM RBC HGB PLT MPV

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Al-mammory, G. K., Najat Mohammed Flyyih, & Doaa Abd Alzahra Deli. (2024). Evaluation of Hematological Parameters In Patients With Hepatitis B virus. Medical Science Journal for Advance Research, 4(4), 242–247.